Communication with guest

Send automated emails and save time. Let our system handle reservation confirmations, pre-arrival notices, operational emails, and more.

Keep it personal from the start

Grow your guest relationship from the start. Begin with a warm pre-stay greeting to set the tone, provide insider tips and suggestions for their stay, and seamlessly guide them through the digital check-in process.


Empower Your Efficiency: Automate!

Sending emails can eat up your time. Automate wherever possible. You’ll gain peace of mind and more time for your guests. Let our system handle reservation confirmations, pre-arrival notices, and operational emails. Need to send a welcome email two days before arrival or a thank-you email three days after departure? Customize trigger events based on your preferences.


Guest Communication, Your Way

Craft your own email templates for easy personalization. This way, emails can auto-fill with guest names, website links, logos, signatures, check-in/out times, and room details. One less thing for you to worry about – it’s our domain.


I wanted a website booking form: quick, attractive, simple—one where guests could add services effortlessly—dogs, breakfast, cots... Thanks to INTUTTO, I now have it. Plus, with no commissions. I'm happy to direct guests there. Karla, Turnovská chata ALT-/images/logo_turnovska.png

It's simple to get started

The INTUTTO hotel system will save you a lot of trouble. Just calculate how much time you spend on the activities we can help you with. Try the system for free and without obligation. Simple.
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