Channel manager

Connection to sales channels

Opt for effective sales channels. Experience regular automatic data synchronization. Stay on top of bookings and bid overbooking goodbye.

Connecting your sales channels to INTUTTO

As buying behavior evolves rapidly, we’re committed to staying in step. We’re connected to over 400 channels worldwide, including vital booking platforms such as, Airbnb, and Expedia. The connection to these three is part of our service. Additionally, we can broaden your reach by connecting you to more channels through our partner.


Say goodbye to overbooking

No more fretting about exceeding capacity. We understand the stress it can bring. No need to monitor every sales channel vigilantly. Our Channel Manager takes care of regular data synchronization. You’re free from the burden of keeping everything in your head or on paper. Gain more time to do better things.


Track performance - soon

To reach your goals, access data and employ regular reports to shape your sales strategy. Aiming for more direct website bookings? Monitor your progress toward this objective.


INTUTTO took a lot of work off my plate. Now, even while biking, I can tackle challenges that were once unsolvable, carrying the office with me. Libor, Ski and Bike apartments ALT/svg/logo_sbna.svg

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The INTUTTO hotel system will save you a lot of trouble. Just calculate how much time you spend on the activities we can help you with. Try the system for free and without obligation. Simple.
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